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Are you looking for Wiper Blades for your vehicle?


Wiper blades play an essential role in providing clean and glare-free vision by clearing obstructions, like rain, snow, pollen, frost, dirt, etc., from the windshield. Like all other car parts, wiper blades can also get damaged, and thus, require timely replacements. At Star Performance Tyre, we store an extensive range of wiper blades to suit most vehicle models. Call us on 0247 666 6263 to opt for professional wiper blades Replacement Coventry.

When should you get your car’s windshield wipers replaced?

If you have reached us searching “wiper blade replacement near me”, your concern might match one or more of the following signs.


Squeaking or screeching noise

This can be due to an issue with the wiper blades’ fitting or speed settings. Our professionals can help you determine if it is one of these causes or worn-out and hardened rubber.

Leaving streaks and smears

Damages in the wiper blades’ rubber can leave behind unwashed bands of rain on the windscreen and deteriorate visibility. This can also be a result of unclean wipers or low-quality windscreen washer fluid.

Skipping or juddering blades

This is a sign of deformed wipers, which is mainly caused by summer heat.

Driving with such faulty windscreen wipers can pose significant inconveniences in case you are caught in a heavy downpour. As vehicle specialists, we suggest you get a yearly wiper blade replacement Coventry to avoid encountering any of the issues mentioned above.

What should you consider when choosing wiper blades?

Make sure your car wiper blades Coventry meet the following criteria before purchasing.

    • The wiper blades must have vehicle-specific measurements to meet legal guidelines.
    • They should be resistant to extreme temperatures.
    • These blades must be designed with anti-corrosive compounds.
    • They must withstand pressure from snow and strong winds.

Additionally, make sure your car’s wiper blades cancel out maximum glare due to oncoming vehicle lights.

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