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If you are looking to replace your vehicle's tyres Coventry, make sure you buy models of the manufacturer-recommended size to ensure optimal car handling experience in any road condition.

However, the alphanumeric size code requires professional understanding to decipher all the essential factors about a particular tyre model. Hence, you must visit an expert car tyre retailer to get the best fit of the tyres for your respective vehicle segment.

Our garage, Star Performance Tyre Ltd., is one of the most trusted tyre retailers in Coventry. We stock a massive inventory of tyres and our experts assist clients to choose the perfect tyre set after understanding their vehicle's specifications and driving requirements.

Why is tyre size important?

Tyre size determines a lot of essential factors, like:

    • Acceleration
    • Braking performance
    • Rolling resistance
    • Maximum speed, etc.

Therefore, it is crucial to stick to the tyre size recommended by the manufacturer as it is determined after a lot of research and considering several important mechanisms of a particular car segment.

How to read tyre sizes?

Before you buy tyres Coventry, check out how to read tyre size in the section below.

Example: 205/55 R16 91H

    • Tyre width: Represented by the number 205 and is measured in millimetres.
    • Aspect ratio: This is the profile height with respect to the sidewall and is represented by the number 55.
    • Type of construction: Letter "R" denotes that this unit has a radial construction. The other types are diagonal cross-ply and bias belt represented by D and B, respectively.
    • Rim diameter: This is represented by the number "16" and is measured in inches.
    • Load index: This is represented by the number "91". It shows the maximum load a tyre can sustain when completely inflated. Here, 91 correspond to 615 kg.
    • Speed index: Letter ‘H’ represents the maximum speed at which this tyre can be driven, and in this case, it is 130mph.

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