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Why is wheel alignment important?

During wheel alignment, a vehicle’s wheel angles are adjusted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Misaligned wheels can cause premature tyre wear and steering and suspension damage, thereby leading to expensive repairs. Moreover, wheel misalignment can cause your vehicle to drift in one direction even while driving straight, further impacting the fuel economy. Hence, it is essential to correct the car wheel angles as soon as they start exhibiting signs of misalignment.

Signs of misaligned wheels

    • Vehicle drags to one side even while driving straight
    • Uneven or abnormal tyre wear
    • Poor fuel economy
    • Vibrations in the steering wheel
    • Unusual tyre screeching sounds while cornering, etc.

The professionals at Star Performer Tyre recommend opting for wheel alignment checks every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

How can our wheel alignment Coventry garage help?

We conduct the following steps to ensure the wheel angles are set according to the manufacturer guidelines.

First, our experts will place the vehicle on an advanced wheel alignment machine rack and attach sensors to the wheels.

Then, our professionals will adjust the wheel angles as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians are trained to check the camber, caster, toe, and thrust angles and can efficiently adjust these angles as per the requirements.


Camber angle refers to the vertical angle (inward or outward) of a wheel while viewing from the front direction. Several vehicles have a slight negative camber to boost handling stability.


Caster angle refers to the forward or backward angle of the steering axis when viewed from a side.


Toe refers to the outward or inward tilt of the car wheels when viewed from the above. Correct toe angle is imperative to reduce tyre wear and prolong its service life.


Thrust angle compares the rear axle direction and the centreline of the vehicle.

Next, our professionals will ensure the steering wheel is in the centre position. Are you still browsing the Internet for the best wheel alignment Coventry garage? Conclude your search with Star Performance Tyre.

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