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Firestone Tyres

    If you have decided to buy Firestone tyres Coventry, we applaud your choice!

    Ever since its inception in the 1900s, Firestone has been pushing the boundaries of what it means to make great quality tyres. Besides being the sole tyre supplier for the IndyCar Series since 2021, they are involved in Formula 5000 and Formula 500 racing series. Each of their products reflects its racing association.

    At Star Performance Tyres Ltd., we stock the whole range of Firestone tyres to meet our customers’ multifaceted demands.

    All the Firestone tyres Coventry available with us can be bought from our online store. You only need to provide the vehicle’s registration number or tyre size to check out the appropriate options.

    Here is a brief look at some of the tyre categories Firestone offers.

    Firestone summer tyres

    Firestone utilises a unique rubber compound across its summer tyre ranges to provide exceptional grip on dry and wet road conditions. Based on the model you buy, expect up to 3m shorter braking distance than its competitors, superior stability, top-of-the-line handling and cornering capabilities, and superb rolling resistance.

    Here are a few of the top-selling Firestone car tyres Coventry from this range –

  • Roadhawk
  • Firehawk SZ90µ
  • Multihawk 2
  • Firestone winter tyres
  • Firestone’s winter offerings come with a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification. They are made with a special rubber compound which keeps these tyres supple even during cold weather. Their special tread design crunches through snow and ice efficiently. For durability and to use it year after year, consider:

  • Winterhawk 3
  • Winterhawk 4
  • Destination Winter
  • Firestone all-season tyres
  • These tyres are designed with full-depth 3D sipes for superior grip and traction. It’s also adapted for wet seasons: the wide grooves push water out of the way and increase control, especially during monsoons. Some examples of these all-season Firestone tyres Coventry include:

  • In case you are looking for car tyres Coventry of the 4x4, UHP, and run-flat variants, we stock those as well.

    So, if your search for “tyres near me” brought you here, we hope you stick around to order a fresh set of Firestone tyres! If you have any questions about our offerings or any assistance you need, call us on 0247 666 6263.

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