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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Service in Coventry?


Are you detecting a significant drop in your car’s fuel economy? Are your vehicle’s tyres wearing unevenly?

If so, it may be a sign of unbalanced wheels.

In case you have been looking for a reliable garage for “wheel balancing Coventry”, turn to Star Performance Tyre Ltd. We are a professional garage for wheel balancing offering accurate wheel balancing checks to different car makes and models at affordable rates.

It is crucial that your vehicle’s wheels are appropriately balanced for maximum handling efficiency and on-road driving safety. Inaccurate distribution of weight around the tyre and wheel assemblies will significantly reduce your car’s fuel efficiency and increase driving discomfort. Hence, automotive experts suggest you opt for a wheel balancing check after your vehicle has run for 5000-6000 miles to enhance driving comfort and ensure maximum steering performance.

Why opt for wheel balancing in Coventry?

Accurately balanced wheels ensure smooth rotation of your car’s tyres even while driving at high speed. In case of any wheel weight discrepancy, please drive to our garage at 104-106 Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4BH, and opt for our wheel balancing Coventry at cost-effective rates. With our standard wheel balancing checks, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Increased handling performance
    • Maximum driving comfort
    • Significant increase in fuel economy
    • Extended tyre service life, etc.

At our garage, we also offer wheel balancing as standard checks after fitting new tyres on a vehicle.

What are the factors that can cause an imbalance in car wheels?

  • Incorrect tyre pressure
  • Rapid and uneven tyre wear
  • Broken wheel rims
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Damaged and worn-out shock absorbers
  • Damage to the suspension system’s components
  • Driving over bumps, rough terrains and through potholes
  • Manufacturing defects in tyres and wheels
  • Weight disparity around the wheel’s valve stem hole, etc.

Symptoms of improper wheel balancing in Coventry

    • Odd vibrations in the steering column can lead to a bumpier driving experience
    • Reduced steering response
    • Off-centre steering wheel
    • Significantly decreasing mileage
    • Reduced vehicle stability due to more than one heavy spot placed side by side, etc.

How do we perform wheel balancing at our garage?

    • Firstly, we will dismount your car’s wheel, place it on our advanced balancer and conduct a thorough inspection.
    • Then, we rotate the wheel at a high speed and note down the readings for an analysis.
    • After that, we will carefully attach eco-friendly counterweights to ensure accurate wheel balancing Coventry.

With our latest wheel balancing equipment and a team of highly qualified experts, we are equipped to conduct 100% accurate wheel balancing checks. We carefully access the weight distribution across your car’s wheel and tyre assemblies and then balance it with our eco-friendly counterweights as necessary.

So, instead of searching for a wheel balancing garage near me, visit us!

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