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As per the EU tyre labelling regulations introduced in 2012, car tyres must have standardised information on three specific performance parameters, namely fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise.

Understanding the symbols present on an EU tyre label is imperative to make an informed decision while purchasing car tyres Coventry for enhanced road safety, increased fuel economy, etc.

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You can also buy car tyres from us online. However, before making your purchase, you should understand tyre labelling properly.

Breaking down the EU tyre label

Fuel efficiency

Depending on the tyre’s rolling resistance, the fuel efficiency is rated from A to G (currently, ‘D’ is no longer used). Here, A denotes the most fuel-efficient tyre, and G denotes the least fuel-efficient one.

Between each category, fuel consumption increases by around 0.1 litres per 100 miles.

As tyres account for about 20% fuel consumption of a vehicle, you must choose tyres wisely.

Wet grip

Wet grip is an essential safety feature that explains how quickly a vehicle can stop on braking on wet surfaces.

Wet grip in a tyre label is rated from A to G.

Tyres rated ‘A’ ensure the shortest braking distances on wet roads.

Tyres rated ‘G’ have the longest braking distances on wet surfaces.

External noise

External noise refers to the external rolling noise produced by a tyre and is measured in dB (decibels). It is represented by three sound wave bars, wherein one sound bar points to the lowest noise level (between 67-71 dB) and three sound wave bars correspond to the highest noise level (between 72-76 dB).

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