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A majority of car owners schedule their vehicle’s engine oil replacement as per mileage indication. However, a routine inspection and oil change are equally important. While high-quality fuel ensures smooth engine lubrication, an oil filter aids in reducing engine damage by removing impurities. At Star Performance Tyre Ltd., we perform affordable car oil change Coventry with filter replacement. This ensures optimum engine performance and longevity. To get your vehicle’s clogged filter changed, schedule an appointment with our professionals on 0247 666 6263.

Signs that your car needs oil and filter change

Besides crossing the manufacturer-specified mileage limit, here are some of the possible signs indicating a need for vehicle oil change Coventry.

    • Noisy engine.
    • Check engine light is on.
    • Car cabin smells of oil
    • Noticeably darker exhaust smoke, etc.

Neglecting these signs of inefficient fuel supply can adversely affect your car engine and other components and even lead to a breakdown. As four-wheeler experts, we recommend a filter replacement every time you get your car’s oil changed for maximum fuel efficiency.

Why is a car engine oil and filter replacement necessary?

Ideally, customers should get their vehicle’s fuel and filter changed every 6,000-10,000 miles to avoid the following inconveniences:

Incompatibility of old filter and new oil

Clean car fuel can soon get filled with impurities when used with a contaminated filter. Thus, an oil change without filter replacement is not such a great idea.

Excessive engine wear

Clogged filters prevent fuel flow to the car engine. This can cause rapid engine failure due to reduced lubrication.

Increased maintenance cost

Irregular oil change with filter replacement can damage crucial car components, leading to increased expenses.

Want to avoid these inconveniences?

End your “engine oil and filter change near me” searches with Star Performance Tyre.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced technicians at Star Performance Tyre provide efficient oil change Coventry by completely draining your car engine oil and removing the old filter. Thereafter, they perform filter replacement and oil refill up to the adequate level.

You can visit our facility at 104-106 Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4BH to opt for our prompt and accurate solutions

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