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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?


At Star Performance Tyre Ltd, we stock high quality run flat tyres Coventry that allow you to keep driving even after a puncture. These tyres are, therefore, popular due to their safety features in the case of emergencies.

Run-flat or zero-pressure tyres can support your car's weight for a short duration, permitting you to drive up to 50 miles approximately at a limited speed of 50 mph and get the tyres replaced from a nearby garage.

At our facility, we stock RFTs from the best premium, mid-range and budget brands at competitive rates. You can drive over to us at 104-106 Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4BH, and our professionals will provide you with the best RFTs for your car, according to your driving requirements and budget.

Buy tyres online!

You can now also buy run-flat tyres online from the comfort of your home in a few basic steps:

    • Go to our online tyre finder
    • Enter your car's registration number or tyre size details
    • Check out our inventory and choose RFTs according to your preference

You can also choose and book an appointment for tyre-fitting at our garage.

      Types of RFTs in our stock


The self-supporting RFTs come with heavily reinforced sidewalls to support your vehicle’s weight in the event of a sudden puncture.


These tyres have a layer of sealant inside them that can maintain the air pressure in case of a puncture. They instantly respond to impacts made by any sharp object, like a screw, nail, etc., and the sealant will fill out the puncture as long as it is not larger than 5 mm in size.

Auxiliary supported

These run flat tyres Coventry are the toughest among the three and are highly puncture-resistant. They possess Kevlar reinforcements with an additional support ring and are ideal for heavy and large vehicles.

Please note: You must install RFTs only on those vehicles that come with a TPMS. Plus, these tyres are not safe for repairs and must always be replaced.

      Why choose run-flat tyres?

In the event of a puncture, you can drive up to a certain distance and reach any nearby garage safely.

Increases your car’s boot space as you won’t have to carry spares and tools anymore and improves fuel economy due to less weight.

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