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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement in Coventry for your vehicle?


Do you notice fumes from underneath your car? Does your vehicle’s clutch pedal remain stuck to the floor?

Chances are there could be a problem with your vehicle’s clutch assembly.

Star Performance Tyre is the perfect match for your “clutch servicing garage near me” searches. With a team of dedicated and trained professionals and genuine OE-grade spares, we can deal with the clutch issues of any car make and model.

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Importance of your vehicle’s clutch assembly

Before jumping into the signs of a malfunctioning clutch, it is important that you have a brief idea of how this car component contributes to a smooth driving experience. Since a car engine’s components are constantly rotating, its wheels need to be temporarily disconnected from the engine to switch between speeds or stop the vehicle without turning the latter off.

Your vehicle’s clutch assembly acts as an essential connection between the engine and wheels, modulating power transmission as and when required. Simply put, the clutch assembly helps in speed transition and control, engaging and disengaging car wheels with engine every time you change gears.

Essential clutch components

At our clutch servicing garage Coventry, our experts will check the following parts and offer a replacement if need be.


It is a rotating device connected to the engine’s crank that transmits torque. Pressure plate: This plate is attached with the flywheel and connects the clutch along with it.

Clutch disc

This is a plate sandwiched between the flywheel and the pressure plate, which rotates according to transmission and comprises high friction materials.

Release mechanism

It comprises a cable, mechanical linkage, clutch fork, and the clutch pedal assembly.


This component connects clutch fork to pedal.


It acts as a connection between the clutch fork and pressure plate.

Pilot bearing

This is a connective component between the clutch disc and input shaft, facilitating unaltered engine RPM.

Release bearing

This component acts as a connection between the pressure plate and release mechanism.

Clutch fork

Also called the release fork, it helps transmit energy between release mechanism and bearing.

For optimum car performance, you must opt for periodical clutch replacement Coventry to ensure each of these parts is in top-notch condition. A faulty clutch component will not only hamper your driving experience but also interfere with road safety.

How to detect a malfunctioning clutch?

You should be seeking clutch repair Coventry as soon as you encounter one of these signs of a faulty clutch assembly.

Slipping clutch

If the engine keeps racing on releasing clutch pedal without providing the usual acceleration, it is a sign of worn-out clutch pedals.

Grinding noises when shifting gears: If you find it difficult to change gears or hear an unusual grinding noise, there could be a problem with the pressure plate, clutch disc, or release bearing.

Pulsating clutch pedal

This can indicate an issue with the transmission.

Stuck gear

A faulty clutch plate or linkage can make it difficult for you to shift into and out of reverse gear.

Fumes or burning smell

An obvious sign of a failing clutch pedal is a pungent burning smell.

Besides the above signs, there can be other issues, like clutch pedal feeling loose, or difficult to engage.

In any case, visit our facility for professional and cost-effective inspections and clutch replacement Coventry services , accordingly.

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