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The importance of routine car servicing simply cannot be overstated. To ensure optimal functioning of all crucial car components, you must opt for professional and timely car service Coventry after every 6 or 12 months.

Being a responsible workshop, we, Star Performance Tyre Ltd., offer comprehensive car repair Coventry services at an extremely affordable rate. We use cutting-edge devices to carry out a detailed inspection of all essential car parts and offer prompt repairs and replacements to ensure your vehicle can perform without any issue throughout the year.

Car servicing packages at our garage

Our vehicle service Coventry is categorised into the following two types:

Interim service

An interim check is recommended after every 6 months or after covering 6000 miles. This proves extremely beneficial for car owners who cover more miles in a year.

Full service -

A full check is recommended for all car owners, irrespective of the miles they cover in a year. You must avail of a full car service after every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes early.

Interim service

Our interim car service Coventry covers 55 checks, like:

    • Oil filter replacement.
    • Exterior and interior light checks
    • Brake inspection
    • Oil top-ups, etc.

Full car service

Our full car service covers a total of 77 checks (including every check conducted in an interim service). Some of these are:

    • Suspension and exhaust checks
    • Inspection of the air condition
    • Clutch inspection
    • Battery check
    • Under-body checks
    • Inspection of the steering column
    • Inspection of wheels and tyres, etc.
    • Oil filter and air filter change plus Oil change

What are the benefits of routine car servicing?

A routine interim and full car service proves advantageous in a number of ways, like:

Improves the engine performance

Changing the engine oil regularly and carrying out a detailed inspection of battery, exhaust, etc., keeps your car’s engine healthy and helps it to perform without any issues.

Helps to pass annual MOTs without any hassle

A routine car service ensures your vehicle is free from any underlying issue, which could jeopardise its roadworthiness. This helps your car to pass its annual MOTs in one go.

Offers a higher resale value

An updated service history speaks a lot about your car’s performance and can ensure a higher resale value in the long run.

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