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Star Performance Tyre Ltd. is one of the most reliable and affordable tyre repairing service providers in Coventry. We have experienced and trained professionals who can deal with various types of tyre damages.

Please note: It is not possible to repair all tyre damages.

Therefore, being a genuine garage for tyre repair Coventry, we will carry out all essential checks and abide by the legal parameters before conducting a repair to avoid jeopardising your driving safety.

    What are the common causes of tyre damages?

    There are several factors that can lead to tyre damages, and tyre puncture is the most common among all of them. In case your car's tyre has sustained a puncture by impacts from sharp objects on the road, like debris, nails, etc., we will repair it using the BS AU 159 guidelines to ensure the damaged area is repaired efficiently.

    Some other factors that lead to tyre damages are:

  • Issues with tyre pressure
  • Driving on misaligned wheels
  • Frequent driving on rough tracks
  • Overloading the vehicle, etc.
  • Is it possible to repair all tyres?

    As mentioned above, it is not possible and safe to repair all tyre damages. To ensure tyre safety, there are several standard checks that we have to carry out based on a number of parameters before offering a tyre repair Coventry.

    These are:

  • Tread depth of the damaged tyre must be at least 1.6 mm.
  • If there is a puncture, the affected area must not be more than 6 mm in size.
  • Structural integrity of the tyre must be unharmed.
  • There must not be any damage to the main tread or the tyre sidewall.
  • There should not be any exposed chords.
  • Rubber material must not have any major cracks, etc.
  • Please note: Run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as once driven with a damage their structure changes.

    In case your car's tyre fails to meet any of these parameters, we cannot repair it and will recommend you get it replaced with a new model from our inventory.

    What tyre repairing methods do we follow?

    Depending upon the nature of tyre damage, we will follow one of the three repairing methods mentioned below:


    This is the easiest process and can be conducted without un-mounting the tyres. Our experts simply shove in a piece of adhesive-coated rubber into the damaged section. When the tyre rolls, the adhesive vulcanises due to the heat generated and turns into a permanent seal.


    For patching, we need to un-mount the tyres first. Then, we attach an adhesive-coated leather piece to the damaged area. Here too, the adhesive gets vulcanised under the heat generated when the tyre rolls and seals the gap.

    Plug & Patch

    This method is generally used when the damage covers a larger area. We first un-mount your car's tyre and then shove in a piece of adhesive-coated rubber with a leather tail into the damaged section. Next, we use the tail-like end to thread the hole and plug the gap efficiently.

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